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Garbage Island is Real, Huge, and a Problem

Plastic has invaded the oceans. It can be detected in the bodies of more than 50 percent of the world’s sea turtles. Scientists estimate that an unsettling 90 percent of all seabirds have ingested plastic at some time in their lives. It has also been determined that fish consume plastic in large quantities if it is within their [...]

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Donald Trump and the Curious Case of Animal Welfare Issues

It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s sires are no champions of animal rights causes. Most people with social media accounts have seen pictures of Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. proudly posing with their bounty, including one or both of them with a leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo bull, and waterbuck. Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean [...]

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Rick Perry Says NO To Renewables

The proposed U. S. Admin of Energy, Rick Perry, once stated that he would like to see the Department of one's eliminated. However , now that he has already been tapped to lead the division and understands its role Perry said he “would be honored” to be confirmed as the next chief of the U. [...]

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2017: Top 10 Solar Trends

In 2017, the global solar marketplace will experience a contraction -- something that hasn't happened in sixteen years or more. According to GTM Study, global PV installations will reduce by 7 percent in 2017. But don't panic, Chicken Little, this is just a blip on the radar. Driven by dropping system prices, new procurement strategies [...]

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Climate Change 2017: Simple Steps To Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Nine Simple Ways You Can Reduce Your Environmental Impact Climate Change: It’s real and it’s happening… fast!  Any long-term solution will require profound changes in how we generate energy and live our lives. In the meantime, there are everyday things that you can do to reduce your personal contribution to the destruction of the ozone. [...]

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Businesses & Investors Beg Trump to Pay Attention to Climate Change

More than 600 businesses and investors signed and released a notice on Tuesday urging president-elect Donald Trump to pay attention to climate change – a move that coincides with the start of Senate hearings to confirm his cabinet nominees, who are poised to ignore existing climate policies. The letter contains signatures from approximately 200 more companies and investors than [...]

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Fracking in Colombia

Fracking in Colombia: Who, Where and Why? Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, in Colombia and elsewhere, is a technique of hydraulic activation that allows or increases the extraction of gas, in addition to oil, from underground. Generally, it requires the injections of high concentrations of water, sand and chemical compounds into the ground which eventually allows [...]

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Avangrid Renewables

What is Avangrid Renewables? Avangrid Renewables is a diversified energy and utility company that is doing its part to save the planet by reducing the use of fossil fuels, and instead utilizing what the planet will continuously make. They already are in control of close to 60 renewable energy projects that are currently up and running, which [...]

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