What is Avangrid Renewables?

Avangrid Renewables is a diversified energy and utility company that is doing its part to save the planet by reducing the use of fossil fuels, and instead utilizing what the planet will continuously make. They already are in control of close to 60 renewable energy projects that are currently up and running, which provide a significant amount of people with energy.  This should be the future of the nation and of the world, since other sources of energy are leading to the pollution of the planet.

Avangrid Renewables Brand Video

Other renewable energy companies are BHE Renewables and MidAmerican Renewables.

Some of the benefits of renewable energy include the fact that one day all other energy sources can potentially run out, or our ability to harness them can come to a halt. When renewable energy is created or harnessed it doesn’t produce any waste. We are currently dealing with the global warming crisis, and our current major sources of energy are something that is adding to the poor air quality and warming of the planet. Yes, there are plenty of skeptics to the current crisis, but those who do believe in it have substantial proof showing that this is exactly what’s happening. We need to start listening to them, and Avangrid Renewables is trying to change the future.

We can stop using other countries to provide us with energy. This is something that takes root in politics and finances as well. If we stop relying on someone else to provide us with the resources that the country needs, we can start focusing on how to better improve where we currently live both environmentally and politically (but that is a who other topic that we won’t go into).  If we start using more renewable energy resources, there will also be a significant uptick in jobs which is beneficial to the economy.  People need to be on hand to build the farms that harness the energy as well as work on them. It’s a win-win.

These are some of the massive benefits that renewable energy can provide. This is why Avangrid Renewables will be such a powerhouse in the future, and they are helping to pave the way for a better tomorrow. They already have 53 wind farms and two solar ranches, which is harnessing power to local communities. Now that we know what they can do for us, let’s see what the company is really all about behind their front page and what they are working on.

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 Wind Projects

Many of the farms are on local properties owned by ranchers who have agreed to lease the land to them. They are still able to do their ranching and such but they are allowing some of their property to allow for the renewable energy to be produced for their communities. The company itself is also on the forefront of safety for workers, especially those that are out on the turbines themselves. It’s a long climb to the top, and they have to ensure that they are safe while up there, preventing them from falling and injuring themselves, or even more serious results.

As far as the communities in which they work they build the trust from them. They want them to agree with and believe in what they are doing so as a company Avangrid will build strong relationships.

They aren’t just trying to harness the wind they are also trying to educate children about it. One their site they have a contest running called #PowerOfWind Contest that helps teachers to discuss it in the classroom while also making it a bit fun.  It’s really geared to get children thinking about the future and what they can do to save the planets and the current options out there. They provide a coloring sheet that can be printed out and then submitted to the company. They pick out a winner and the school receives a $2,500 grant and a ‘KidWind Basic Experiment Kit Classroom Pack’ where the children can learn even more about this kind of technology.

Biomass Energy Projects

What is biomass energy? It is produced by using waste.  This includes things such as scrap lumber, forest debris, certain crops, manure. It works in the power plants where waste is burned that makes a turbine produce electricity and also provide heat for homes. There are new technologies out there, which Avangrid is working with, that produces less emissions than that of current fossil fuels.

Avangrid currently runs Klamath Cogeneration which generates up to 606 megawatts of powers which can supply energy for up to 500,000 homes. That’s a lot of power and shouldn’t be downgraded as a potential future form of energy.

Solar Energy

Their first energy project for solar was the Copper Crossing Solar Ranch in Colorado. They started generating 20 megawatts of power back in 2011. The still have a lot of work to do with regards to solar energy but that is definitely something they are also looking into, considering that this one plant would reduce the amount of emissions that would be approximately 4,500 less cars on the road.

Stock Information

Avandgrid Renewables currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange: AGR. Currently the stock is listed at $38.73.  The currently market cap is $11.97 billion in operating assets. Their parent group Iberdrola, has a 150-year business history, so it isn’t as if they are a new company at all. They are a global company that is looking to improve their holdings and their company in the future years, especially with the improvements and increase in renewable energy resources and uses. Avangid itself holds over $30 billion in assets and operations in 25 states.

Considering the current state of our planet and the increase in people who are for protecting the environment, it’s no wonder this company will most likely be increasing and improving their hold on the country because of its determination to utilize renewable energy for the long haul. Take a look at the company and what it is currently doing in the communities where they are currently located and see what they have to offer. I predict we will be hearing a lot more from the company in the future.