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MidAmerican Renewables

What is MidAmerican Renewables? MidAmerican Renewables, LLC, created in 2012, is a subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, which changed its name from MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company to Berkshire Hathaway Energy in April 2014. Greg Abel, chairman, president and CEO of then MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, who pocketed approximately $41 million last year in compensation, said that, "Our [...]

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BHE Renewables

Berkshire Hathaway Energy owns one of the most significant renewable energy portfolios in the United States. Currently, an expanding portion of Berkshire Hathaway Energy's electricity generation mix originates from environmentally cleaner sources such as wind, water, the sun and the earth’s natural heat. As Berkshire Hathaway Energy continues to expand into the unregulated renewables market, a primary [...]

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